Drew Butler

Our next adventure begins tonight

June 28, 2016

Ever since we made the decision 9-months ago for me to change to a more location flexible job and to relinquish our apartment in Brooklyn, NY, we’ve been somewhat on the go.

First, we left New York for Texas. The plan was to live with parents for a bit and make some small trips in between. Truth be told, just the travel time between Galveston, TX and Austin, TX multiple times a month was enough to feel like we were travelling a lot. But between that and trips to Belize, Costa Rica, Ireland, Las Vegas, and New York, we’ve been busy.

Finally, we have made it to the next stage of our travels. Tonight we embark on a near 24-hour set of flights that will land us in Tokyo, Japan, where we will spend a few nights before heading to Kyoto, Japan, then Bangkok, Thailand, after which we will ultimately be settling into Chiang Mai, Thailand for about 6-weeks before moving onto Bali.

The idea is for me to take about 2-weeks off from work in the beginning and spend a few days in each of these locations as a vacation. Afterward, I will be working a regular schedule from a coworking spot in Chiang Mai.

It is interesting that after all of the planning that has gone into this, it still feels like it has come too soon and that we are nowhere near ready. In some ways, we are probably over prepared, however, I have no question that there will be dozens of things that we will realize that we have forgotten and will need to either buy or send for once we settle into life in Chiang Mai.

None of that really matters, though, because we will figure it all out. We always do.

What does matter is that this is going to be a fantastic adventure and I cannot wait to experience all of it with Bear who has just turned 1 and is just getting to the age where he is starting to experience more of the world. I cannot wait to get to show him a different kind of life in these earliest of years.

My hope is that it will leave an impression in him that although the world is big and full of different people, that it can still feel very small when you realize that everyone, at their core, is really the same. Though I want him to always remain curious about the differences people have, I also want him to see that they don’t separate us, instead, they make us unique and interesting. More than anything, I want him to know that he can learn something from everyone he meets, no matter where he goes and no matter who they are.

For now, though, we have a plane ride with a 1-year old to tackle. That promises to be an adventure all and of itself.

Drew Butler

Written by Drew Butler who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY building useful things. You should follow him on Twitter